Scragg mill Компания “Максимер”
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Scragg mill

Double-shaft headrig SD400

The SD-400 woodcutting machine intended for longitudinal cutting of logs of diameter from 120 to 400 mm on two-edged cant and unedged board.  The SD-400 machines are used as a first line machine...

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Double-shaft headrig SD460S

Double-shaft headrig SD-460S is designed for longitudinal sawing of logs with a diameter of 120 to 450 mm into two-edged cant and unedged boards. The minimum log length is 1.2 meters. The SD-460S machine...

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Headrig skywood A 550

The saw shafts in the headrig SKYWOOD A 550 can move vertically and horizontally, which allows for cutting a wide range of sizes without removing saws. The SKYWOOD A 550 can cut one, two and three...

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