Intrashop mechanization Компания “Максимер”
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Intrashop and near-station mechanization

Automatic feed for crosscutting

Automatic feed for crosscutting has two mechanisms, the first divides the boards by one, the second delivers them for crosscutting, taking into account the speed of the trimming.

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Automatic flitch separator

The flitch separator is designed for separating the lumber coming out of the headrig, holding the prism, which then enters into the centering device and sawing machine.

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Automatic centering device

The automatic centering device is designed for receiving the prisms from the headrig. It automatically centers the prism and delivers it to the multi-saw rig.

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Automatic prism separator

The prism separator, working with a single prism, performs the function of centering and feeding into a multi-saw.When working with two prisms, the separator automatically separates the prisms and...

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Rollway drive with discharge

Rollway drive with discharge designed for transporting and supplying lumber.

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Rollway drive

Rollway drive designed for timber transporting.

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Waste separator

Waste separator is intended for separation of sawdust and small particles from scraps of sawn timber, edges and slab.

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Inclined belt conveyor

The inclined belt conveyor is designed for transporting and loading of various bulk materials into the hopper. Including transportation of chips andsawdust.

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Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors designed for diverting from machines and transporting of various bulk materials, including sawdust and chips.

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Chain transporter

Chain transporter designed for the diverting the flitch and flitch board to the working line of edging machine.

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Overhead canter

The canter performs the function of orienting the log for the most advantageous position for sawing and feeding into the head rig.

The overhead canter is designed to work with the head rig...

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Log Feeder

Log feeder is intended for supplying logs to the overhead canter.

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Trestle for round wood

A trestle designed for loading round wood onto a woodworking line.

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