Award  Компания “Максимер”



Although the year is not over yet, we can already say that it was a good year for MAXIMER. Many innovative technological ideas incorporated into equipment and gained recognition in the international arena. There are many new and interesting partners, both in Ukraine and abroad. And the company does not stop there. For 2019, many new ideas and goals. But all this is impossible without a talented team and proper, responsive leadership. We are proud of our achievements and are ready to conquer new heights! By right, the company’s collective can be called "Dream Team!"

Damage to the Rock of 2018

Head of the Year 2018

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?
A team of experienced professionals

An experienced team will help with the optimal choice of the necessary equipment

Deliveries of all spare parts

We supply spare parts for machines and lines "SKYWOOD"

Full warranty service

We provide full warranty service equipment

Equipment installation

Perform a full range of work on the installation and configuration of equipment

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