About company Компания “Максимер”

About company “Skywood”

SKYWOOD was founded in Ukraine in 2016. During the short life of our company, we have successfully implemented numerous contracts in different parts of the world. The main advantage of SKYWOOD equipment is a good quality at an affordable price, with an emphasis on optimizing energy costs and ergonomics. We keep in touch with all our customers and take into account their wishes for improving the operation of the equipment. Thanks to such cooperation SKYWOOD machines are constantly being upgraded.

In October 2022, we are opening a new modern production facility in Wroclaw, Poland. The production will manufacture upgraded and improved sawmill equipment under the SKYWOOD trademark.

At the moment, our designers and engineers, together with colleagues from Italy and Germany, have optimized existing models and made new developments.

The range of SKYWOOD equipment consists of a whole complex of sawmill equipment, sawmill lines and various auxiliary equipment. SKYWOOD equipment is used for the production of high quality lumber for construction, pallet and container board.

Thanks to many years of successful experience and constant modernization of equipment, SKYWOOD takes a confident place among the world's sawmill equipment manufacturers.

Due to large number of orders that we receive we have made considerable efforts to increase production volumes, while reducing the lead time.

Every year we take part in woodworking exhibitions. Among them are Drema (Poland), LIGNA (Germany), Holzmesse (Austria), Lesdrevmash (Ukraine) and Woodworking (Ukraine), etc.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?
A team of experienced professionals

An experienced team will help with the optimal choice of the necessary equipment

Deliveries of all spare parts

We supply spare parts for machines and lines "SKYWOOD"

Full warranty service

We provide full warranty service equipment

Equipment installation

Perform a full range of work on the installation and configuration of equipment

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