About company Компания “Максимер”

About company “MAXIMER”

In 2016, the company "MAXIMER" set up production of SKYWOOD sawmill equipment in Ukraine. SKYWOOD machines and equipment made from high-quality components from well-known manufacturers.

We offer wood-sawing machines and integrated sawmill lines, as well as equipment for intrashop mechanization.

SKYWOOD machines and equipment are used at sawmills, for the production of high-quality sawn timber for housing construction, pallet and tare boards. SKYWOOD machines demonstrate high performance with minimal energy consumption. Quality and characteristics match European at a much lower cost. Our company provides installation and commissioning, as well as warranty and post-warranty maintenance of SKYWOOD equipment, including the supply of spare parts.

SKYWOOD equipment is selected exclusively according to customer requirements. The company "MAXIMER" carries out work on the selection of equipment for the line and drawing up the technological chain.

SKYWOOD equipment is constantly upgraded. At the moment, we offer a complete set of our lines with a hybrid system for removing sawdust and a 3D scanner that automatically counts incoming timber. Also designed exact trimming of logs and automatic prism separator.

Every year, the company takes part in woodworking exhibitions such as: “Drema” (Poland), “LIGNA” (Germany), “Holzmesse” (Austria), “LESDREVMASH” (Russia), “LESDREVMASH” (Ukraine), “Woodworking” (Ukraine) and “Woodworking” (Belarus).

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?
A team of experienced professionals

An experienced team will help with the optimal choice of the necessary equipment

Deliveries of all spare parts

We supply spare parts for machines and lines "SKYWOOD"

Full warranty service

We provide full warranty service equipment

Equipment installation

Perform a full range of work on the installation and configuration of equipment

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