SKYWOOD sawmill line Компания “Максимер”

SKYWOOD sawmill line

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The integrated sawmill line SKYWOOD is designed for sawing roundwood with a diameter of 120 to 450 mm into edged boards, beams, lining, as well as for the production of pallet and tare boards. From 3 to 5 people are required to service the line, excluding the stacking, sorting and packing of sawn timber.

The supplied equipment complies with the safety requirements for the design of woodworking equipment. In addition, various configurations and designs of the line are possible for various premises and tasks. It is possible to install a recording system for incoming timber, as well as a metal detector.

The composition of the line is individually selected according to the needs of the customer. The performance of equipment indicated in this catalog is approximate and depends on the diameter of the roundwood and sawn timber, the training of personnel and the sawing program. Design and specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer.


Maximum length of the processed log, m4,2 (6,2)
Minimum length of the processed log, m1,2
Maximum diameter of the processed log, mm450
Minimum diameter of the processed log, mm120
Volume of roundwood processing, depending on length and diameterfrom 15m3/h


The diagram above shows that some of the sawmill mechanisms are located outside the premises. The approximate size of premises for SKYWOOD sawmill line shown in the diagram is 15 by 30 meters. Average electricity consumption is 280-380 kW.

1. Trestle for round wood
2. Log feeder
3. Overhead canter
4. Feeding table
5. Double-shaft headrig SKYWOOD SD 460S 55/75Kw, 3,0/0,55/2*0,37 kW
6. Automatic flitch and prism separator
7. Inclined chain transporter for flitch and unedged boards
8. Automatic prism centering, rotating and separating device
9. Doble-shaft multisaw SKYWOOD ULTRA160 45/55/2,2/0,55 kW
10. Rollway drive with release
11. Horizontal chain transporter
12. Rollway drive
13. Multisaw edging machine SKYWOOD ES600 22/2,2/0,55 kW
14. Rollway drive
15. Rollway drive with release
16. Automatic board separating for crosscutting
17. Trimming machine TR4-4
18. Magistral belt transporter for chips and chunks
19. Inclined belt transporter
20. Sawdust separator for large and small waste
21. Flaker SKYWOOD HM-380/4  55 kW
22. Belt transporter for removal
23. Belt transporter for removal

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