Preliminary trimming device SKYWOOD LT4500 Компания “Максимер”

Preliminary trimming device SKYWOOD LT4500

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Features SKYWOOD LT 4500

Diameter of the processed log, mm        120 - 400

The length of the processed log, mm      800 - 6 000

The length of the cut log, mm                  800 - 2,500

Feed rate, m / min                                    10-30

This trimming is designed for cutting logs of deciduous and coniferous species in a given size. The length measurement is carried out electronically using barrier sensors and a processor.

This method of positioning the log gives a sufficiently high accuracy with a crosscut 5-15 mm. The length of the timber for cutting is set in the processor, while this can be one predetermined length and semi-automatic trimming work. That is, after sawing off the next part of the workpiece, and dumping, the log will be automatically fed to the specified cutting length.

It is also possible to program several different segments of the log, and perform operations in automatic mode or manually.

In addition, trimming is provided for setting the minimum size of the next workpiece, so if the remaining part of the log is less than the specified value, then the mechanism will skip it without trimming.

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